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why golfwod?

train like you play:

the change your game needs!

the #1 golf fitness and performance platform in the game!

More Speed. More Distance. Better Endurance. Less Injuries...

Unlock your best Golf with the best workouts in the Game!

As shown by the best players in the world, Health & Fitness has a huge impact on your game as well as your life! So you should absolutely be ready to put in the work!

With GOLFWOD, you will have all of your workouts designed for your specific Golf Goals and be able to track with your Golf Fitness Handicap... This is how you Train Like You Play!

golf fitness: delivered


Workouts designed specifically for your game, your goals and your fitness level! All golf exercise programs are programmed with sets, reps, rest and more so you never have to guess what to do when you Train!

Questions about Equipment? We have programs starting from zero equipment at home through to full Strength and Conditioning designs! And no, you don't have to be in a Cross Fit gym! Our workouts can be done anywhere!


Learn how to create Torque and use the ground for POWER! Full body workouts for improved sequencing, physical development and the golf specific challenge you have always wanted!

More than just workouts! With ever increasing Flexibility Sessions, Warm Ups and Practice Sessions this is the way to work on your Game and your Body!


the #1 golf fitness app

what can i expect with golfwod workouts?

Golf Fitness: Delivered! Workouts for Every Golfer and every Training Environment!

Enjoyable, effective workouts that serious improve your Swing whilst fitting into your Lifestyle. LFG.

Lifestyle. Fitness. Golf.

Use your Golf Fitness Handicap for motivation and crush the workouts to:

Build Speed & Power for more Distance!
Improve Endurance to reduce Fatigue and shoot lower scores!
Work on your Flexibility and move better than ever!
Reduce injury risk with well designed, planned workouts.
Enjoy Fitness that you know is helping your Game!
Use our Drills & Practice WOD's for consistency and progress.
Be part of a worldwide community of golfers shooting their best scores ever and enjoying the process!

golf fitness: delivered

lifestyle. fitness. golf.

how do i balance golf, training and my lifestyle?

Life gets busy right? Having the time to get everything in isn't always easy and we know that!

Everything we do is based on our vast experience working with Golfers, running gyms and creating the Lifestyle balance we want. So yeah, we get it!

We also know how important this truly is and that is why GOLFWOD is designed for the modern day golfer!

No more guess work, no more wasted time in the gym or on the range. We have everything you need to make huge progress today, right now and in the most efficient way possible - the GOLFWOD APP!

Track your progress, be your best self and watch as your time management, lifestyle, fitness and game all go to the next level!

This is the Strongest Movement in Golf. This is what we do!

golf fitness: delivered


Golf and Fitness is everything we do! From our own journey of out of shape to a PGA Professional bringing fitness to all golfers, we are uniquely passionate about helping you on your own Golf and Fitness Journey!

All ages, all backgrounds and all levels, we want to help you experience the best version of yourself and will be here every step of the way. It is time to Golf Strong!


ready to join the strongest movement in golf?


7 Day
Free Trial!

Download, create your first Golf Fitness Handicap and get to work!


Monthly membership!

Rolling monthly membership for your game!


yearly membership!

The best workouts in Golf, for a year & you save BIG!


Lifetime membership!

20 Yards in 30 Days or Your Money Back?! Take the Golf Fitness Pro Challenge now!

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