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how any golfer can get fit &
Shoot lower scores!

What we do: Structure and design your golf fitness workouts, build in stretching and flexibility, deliver drills, coaching and everything you need to progress!

What you have to do? Follow the program!

Get your first Golf Fitness Handicap and Train Like You Play, recording your workouts, mobility, range sessions and more!

How does this work for You and your Game?

You get the best Workout Program for your Fitness Level and Golf Goals designed to help you see Progress week on week on and off the Course.

No more guess work, we design our Programs with Proven Fitness designs and include Flexibility and Recovery work as well as PGA Coaching, Drills and Practice Sessions.

Thousands of Golfers around the World are already making HUGE Progress so it's on you... Join now to Golf Strong!

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your golf workout of the day!


The Best Workouts in Golf.

Track Your Progress!

Workout Scorecard.

For every Fitness Level.

Stretching & Warm Ups.

Train anywhere, any time!

Fully Guided Programs.

Download the App for your 7 Day Free Trial:


the #1 golf fitness app

golf fitness: delivered

member reviews:

Tim, Aus

‘I’ve added 20 yards to my drives in 6 weeks and feel better than ever, no more low back pain. Would recommend to anyone!’

David Franks, UK

‘These workouts are absolutely superb! The app subscription has been worth every penny!’

Carson, USA

“Since I've started using y’alls programs I've lost about 25lbs, I'm in the best shape of my life. I've dropped from a 5 handicap to a 1 in the past five months I've been using the program.”

Daily Workouts.

Specific Programs.

Designed by PGA Pro's.

Injury proof your body!

Save hundreds $$$

Choose Your Level.


Hit Download now to create your Membership and get a 7 Day Free Trial, you can cancel at any time.

Need more Help? Download the Handbook or contact the Team at any time so we can Golf Strong Together. 



how any golfer can train, get fitter & play better golf!

With our PGA designed Workouts, Stretching, Drills and more, every golfer has the perfect option for their body and unique swing pattern!

This is the Ultimate Coaching tool to help you save money and time whilst working with the best in the World and seeing huge progress on your own schedule!

GOLFWOD is the secret to golfers actually enjoying exercise, training with confidence and creating health and movement that will last a lifetime!

What's better? Dramatically reduce injury risk with better Flexibility, more Strength and an improved Golf Swing! (You'll have way more energy on the course too. Bonus!)

Get your first Golf Fitness Handicap now!

member reviews:

IMG_1942 2_edited.jpg

Park, USA

''Already down to a 9 handicap since starting to train alongside you guys. Thanks and keep up the hard work!''


Joshua, UK

''This is indeed the BEST platform in so many ways, I feel like I have so much more purpose in the gym instead of figuring it out myself!''

Screenshot 2022-11-14 at 10_edited.jpg

Cliff, USA

''Training is going really well.  Driver club head speed is close to 120 mph according to Trackman.  Looking forward to seeing how my endurance has improved once courses open up here.  Really appreciate the program and all the work you put into it.'' 


so what is train like you play? the future.

To be the complete platform we know we can be, we want to help you make huge progress on and off the course...

Have you ever started a fitness program and failed? Or avoided any workouts because they are 'bad for your game?' We have the solution to this, your progress and your confidence in the gym! Golfers around the world agree and are already getting ahead - don't hesitate, take action!

Combine practice sessions with drills and specific accessory sessions designed to help you improve your movement technically and physically, you have the tools you need to crush it on the course!

Want to go a step further? Onboard with the GOLFWOD Pro's Team and we will create your Personalised Plan!


PGA Drills & Tips.

Structured Practice.

Varied Warm Ups.

On & Off Course Use!

Link Body to Swing.

Make Real Progress!

Team Onboarding is the perfect way to get the exact Plan you need to succeed on your Golf Fitness Journey! The Team is ready:

7 Day Free Trial

Monthly, 3 Month & Annual

Flexible Memberships

No Additional Fees - EVER

24/7 Support

Guaranteed Results


Download the App for Free to get started:

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the complete golf fitness and wellness platform!

Get the proven GOLFWOD Experience for a fraction of the price with our incredible Golf Fitness and Performance App!


That is where we start, with an incredible interactive experience giving golfers of all levels and goals the training programs needed to make huge progress on and off the course.


From zero equipment home workouts to full gym based Strength and Conditioning, with everything in between, we have the program you need to change your game!


We also now have Warm Ups for the gym and the course, Flexibility work with many focus areas & Accessory sessions to make huge improvements to your Rotation, Speed & more.

Take action, get your Membership and create the Golf Fitness Lifestyle you have always wanted.

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