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success is not given, it is earned.


Assess your Golf Flexibility, Test your Golf Fitness and set your new high Score!

Test your Flexibility, Movement & Balance with the PT Total!

Test Strength, Speed, Rotation and Endurance with the GOLFWOD Total!

Follow the Program, Track with your GOLFWOD Handicap and Re-Test each month to always see your Progress!


this is how you improve.

Whatever your Level, whatever your Goal, Testing your current levels of Golf Flexibility and Golf Fitness is huge for you to make real progress, stay, motivated and play your best Golf!

Our Programs are designed to help you boost your GOLFWOD Total high score and when your Total Score increases, your Golf Swing Potential increases too. 

test. train. improve.


golfers, it is time to commit.

how to train like the best and enjoy the process.

We've all been there... You know you want to improve your Golf Swing, Shoot Lower Scores and improve your Health and Fitness so you start...

But you don't see results soon enough, things get in the way, time is limited so you drop off, feel worse and don't get to where you want to be. It happens to everyone along thew way and honestly, that is why we are so passionate each and every day about creating the best platform in Golf.

Because we now what it feels like to breakthrough, make real progress and actually enjoy the challenge.

The Golfers who have what you want, including the best players in the world, have gone through what you are facing and there are only 2 reasons why success followed for them:

1: They had the support, resources and tracking to ensure their efforts were rewarded.

2: They just didn't stop.

That is what GOLFWOD can do for you: give you everything you need to see real results and improvements, day after day as well as give you an incredible Team and Global Community to support your efforts and help you enjoy the Journey. 

the strongest movement in golf.

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what is the golfwod pt total?

IMG_4418 2.PNG

6 Point, Zero Equipment Golf Flexibility and Movement Test!

Assess Strengths and Weaknesses, Restrictions, Imbalances and Swing Potential.

Enter your first high Score, follow your Program, set a new high score - repeat!

Direct transfer to your Golf Swing, Ball Striking and Consistency!


for golfers, by golfers.

We want this Test to be available to anyone who plays Golf, can be completed in 10 minutes and for it to be incredibly useful in your Golf Improvement Journey.

Reduce Injury Risk, Improve Flexibility and Imbalances then start to move like a Golf Swing ACE.

get pt to test today!


what is the golfwod total?


A unique, 5 Point, Golf Fitness Test!

Test Strength, Rotation, Speed & Endurance to Level Up.

Enter your first high Score, follow your Program, set a new high score - repeat!

Improve your Golf Performance, guide your Training and become a Golf Fitness Pro!

Can you break the GOLFWOD 1K Challenge!?



the ultimate golf fitness test!

This is what GOLFWOD is all about!

The best Workouts in Golf, with Testing, Progressions and proven Results. This is how you become a Golf Fitness Pro!

Set your Total Score, get to work on your specifically designed Program and Re-Test the most important elements of Golf Fitness to see all of your Progress on and off the Course.

get golfwod to test today!


what your coaches say:

'No matter what level you are right now or even how much Golf you play, you want your body to move with freedom, reduce injuries and basically feel as flexible as possible so you can hit your positions and enjoy your movement.

Specifically your Golf Swing.

All golfers want to create higher levels of Flexibility but with GOLFWOD PT we go a number of steps further to deliver a platform designed for every single golfer out there.

Yes, you can focus on your Flexibility and start with stretching at only 5 minutes a day...

But you can also follow Injury Rehab and Prehab Programs designed by Elite Physios and our Professionals Team, work on Golf Swing Positions through Mobility and create an incredible Golf Swing ready Body with ACE - Advanced Corrective Exercises.

We have put everything into PT so you can get everything out of your Body. Commit the time and experience the feeling of always being at your best.

download the app for free today and start with a 7 day free trial!


you want to stretch, get mobile and become a golf swing ace!

You know you need to do it, maybe even do it a little here and there, but consistency is an issue...

There are 2 key factors to you improving your Flexibility and literally how your body works now and long into the future:

1: You have to actually do it!

2: It needs to be functional and allow you to make progress in the areas you want to make progress in... the Golf Swing!

GOLFWOD PT is designed specifically for these 2 points! With your Golf Flexibility Handicap and the PT Total you will always know you're making progress and with the progressive designs of the Protocols in the App, you can always be improving.

Work on specific body parts or Swing faults, use the Drills and Swing Feels to make technical progress and track all the way so you watch your movement improve in real time!

GOLFWOD PT has what you need and it is time to get Flexible.

golf: pain free!

so you're new to golf fitness?

When first starting out, our Members see the most progress with Timed Programs that fir their Lifestyle and Equipment needs the best.

We want to reduce obstacles, we want to build consistency and the key to doing so is getting the right Training Program right away.

These 3 are getting Golfers incredible results:

1: Break 90 - A Beginners to Intermediate 12 Week Program for Movement Quality, Rotation & Consistency.

2: Unloaded - No Weights needed, 8 weeks of Club and Band Focused Training for Golf Specific Gains.

3: Over 50's - Low Impact, High Yield 12 Week Program for Movement Quality, Stability & Golf Specific Fitness.

Of course, you have more options and the app lays it all out for you, but start here and there is every chance you see HUGE Progress like so many of our Members before you. Then you'll also have more confidence and awareness of where to go next as you're feeling great on and off the Course, enjoying the Process and the Results!

get your membership and start here:


what your coaches say:

'The key to success for our newest members is always consistency. It's a big word in Golf and we all want more of it, it's the same with your Health and Fitness too.

If you can be consistent for the first 2 weeks, use the Golf Fitness Handicap to track your Progress, you will breakthrough so many of your own barriers and the chances will be so clear there will be no looking back.

Use weights that are challenging but allow perfect form, use the coaches notes and video demos everyday to hit the workout correctly and follow the Program.

The results will follow!'


what your coaches say:

'If you're already training consistently and looking to start with GOLFWOD, you have so much to gain and we can't wait to be a part of it!

There is going to the gym and there is playing Golf, but if they are entirely separate and don't take you closer to your Goals, you are not getting the full reward for your efforts.

But you can! And GOLFWOD is the way!

No more copying half routines from social media, no more guesswork, just the Best Workouts in Golf, linked to your Swing and fully designed by PGA & Fitness Specialist coaches.

This is what we do and when you sign up and follow the Program, you will know exactly why!

Time to Golf Strong.

you're already training but want golf gains!

The key focus here is Time and Equipment. You want a Program that fits seamlessly into your current routine but supercharges your Progress!

You can also start to think about your Golf Specific Goals more clearly too as we enhance your current Fitness Levels and make you dominant on the Course.

These are the 3 for you to check out:

1: Break 80 - Intermediate to Advanced 12 week Program for Speed, Power and Consistency.

2: Scratch Performance - Intermediate to Advanced Low Equipment Golf Fitness. Single Load & Bands.

3: Strength & Performance - Advanced 12 Week Strength & Power Program for structured Adaptation and Performance.

You should definitely check out the Daily too, but having a Timed, Tracked Program first gives you an incredible base for your GOLFWOD Training Future.

Take Shots off your Golf Fitness Handicap, love your Training and Swing it better than ever - Let's GO!

golf fitness: delivered

you're crushing it and want to become a golf fitness pro!

You love Golf, you love Fitness and want to see how far you can take both whilst building the exact Lifestyle you want... GOLFWOD is your dream Platform!

Why a Golf Fitness Pro? Because when you track your Workouts with the Golf Fitness Handicap, the end goal is exactly that... 54 to Pro! Can you stay consistent and get it done? We know you can!

How do we know? Because that is our dream. It is also our goals each and every day to create the best platform possible so as many of you as possible have everything you need to be the best you can be!

Bring your current Fitness Level to the Daily GOLFWOD - 5 Levels with Time and Equipment options that is delivered EVERY week with new Workouts that follow the specifics of the Golf Season for year round Performance and Progress.

Add in Mobility, Drills and Practice week on week and you will be unstoppable!

This is the goal for all of our Members so starting here is the fast track to all things Golf Fitness.

If you want to build a base with our Training Programs first you could also start with either Strength and Performance or Hybrid Bodybuilding to build Strength, Muscle and Golf Specific Power!

Either way, this Membership is for you! That is our dream, our passion and we can't wait to show you!

golf fitness: delivered

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what your coaches say:

'For too long 'Golf Fitness' was boring, slow paced swiss ball exercises with some dude who probably carried it 220...

Not any more!

The GOLFWOD Training Platform is everything you want it to be - Functional, Challenging, Enjoyable and above all, incredibly effective!

Our Workouts, Mobility and Practice Sessions will deliver incredible Fitness, the Body Composition you want and have you Swinging Faster and more Consistently than ever before!

When 220 Carry is a smooth 5 iron, you know the Game has changed and we want to take you to the fullest level of your potential.

We truly love this. This is how we train, this is how we built a worldwide community and it is how we will reach all of our Goals!

We can't wait for you to do the same with GOLFWOD!'

team taylormade_edited.jpg

No other Golf Workout Program offers you this many levels with an incredible insight to training habits, equipment, time and goals. This is why we are #1!

how will you train today?

the 5 levels:

GOLFWOD: The OG! The mainline GOLFWOD Programming is based around Functional Fitness and a free weight environment. This Dumbbells and Kettlebells, Barbells and Med Balls with freedom to go all in on your goals!


Conventional: In the second half of 2022 we introduced our first Conventional Gym option to include Machines, Cables and Exercise Balls as well as a different workout design to help you navigate equipment in a busy commercial gym. Incredibly popular, Globo Golf Fitness is real!

Hybrid: A combination of Functional and Conventional with every other piece of equipment and elaborate rep schemes a part of the everyday! Think Sleds and Landmines on top of the already best workouts in golf and it is on!

Lifestyle: This is the same stimulus as GOLFWOD but comes in at 45 minutes or less so you can always get it in!

Scratch: This is the low equipment, even zero equipment, option so if you're travelling, competing or out of routine you always have a go to workout!

With the GOLFWOD App you get access to ALL of these programs and can use them interchangeably to give you complete control and confidence in your golf training!

golf fitness: delivered

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programs free download


Learn about all GOLFWOD Programs

With this Free Download, you get detailed insight into every GOLFWOD Program and what you can expect in our #1 Golf Fitness App.


Download the App to make real Progress

Pick your Program, Download the App for Free or Onboard with the GOLFWOD Team now. Then you can Train, Stretch and Practice to Golf Strong!

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program details


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GOLFWOD truly is for golfers, by golfers! By combining PGA Professional knowledge with the very best fitness expertise around, our workouts are proven to help you on and off the course like no other!

committed to progress?

why are our workouts different?

Because Golf Fitness & Performance is what we do.


Combining the most important factors for you to swing better, create power and reduce injuries alongside giving you physical changes and progress we all want matched with the unique lifestyle design that we all have to factor in. This ain't no hobby. We are here to inspire health and fitness through and for golf, that is our mission, and we won't rest until it is accomplished.


Work. Travel. Social. Equipment. Fatigue. Doubt.


There are so many factors that can affect whether you get your workout in today or not. We understand, we know how it feels and we are here to put that to an end!Because when you breakthrough, the results are phenomenal.


So golfers, it is time to Train Like You Play: With passion and excitement, the desire to improve and all recorded to your Handicap so you know how far you've progressed!


GOLFWOD is the way. Workout options 5 days a week requiring nothing more than an exercise band and the fire to improve your body & your game!

golf fitness: delivered

the #1 golf fitness app

the best workouts in golf!

Golfers don't really train do they?!

Maybe not in the past but, today, with GOLFWOD on their side, Golfers are looking after their health and fitness more than ever!

Why? Because our workouts will literally change your game and hugely benefit every aspect of your life!

That's worth doing a couple Squats for!

And thats the other thing, this isn't all Heavy Weights and Maxing Out Club Head Speed... Far from it!

Our programs start from Zero Equipment at Home Challenges suitable for all levels, through to low equipment, 40 minute workouts 3 times a week through to full Strength and Conditioning Performance Programs!

You start where you start, that's the beauty because no matter the level, we are all here trying to get better and GOLFWOD is the answer!

No more excuses, you can do this, you should do this and we want to help you every step of the way!!

golf fitness: delivered

Download the App for Free here:

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