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about us.

#1 golf fitness app

our passion: golf and fitness

to inspire health and fitness through and for golf.

It started by changing myself, now it's time to change the game!

As a PGA Professional, my game has improved dramatically with every GOLFWOD Workout and with thousands of golfers worldwide now following the same path there is no slowing down!

Tiger was the first, the Tour followed and now every golfer can have access to game changing workouts.

The driving force in a golf and fitness revolution.

golf fitness: delivered


Through my personal experiences and professional endeavours, GOLFWOD is uniquely positioned to help the golf world transition to a new level of health and fitness.

Coaching thousands of golfers, running numerous golf and fitness facilities matched with an unrivalled work ethic and desire to improve has created a platform for all golfers to experience what is really possible!


Crafting a unique and in many ways unrivalled background in Golf and Fitness, Michael delivers the most complete challenge to the stigma of all things 'golf fitness.'

More than a decade's worth of hard work, learning and experience has allowed me to create the most complete and challenging golf fitness, golf training and performance program available. We're unique in what we offer and the results are clear to see. 

I'm passionate about helping as many people as possible to be healthier, fitter and stronger on and off the golf course. I believe good nutrition, fitness and better movement quality can lead to a better quality of life, and ultimately, improve your golf performance.

 Let's change the game, hit the ball further and feel great doing it!

- Class AA PGA Professional & owner of DRVN Studios

- L3 PT, L4 Strength & Conditioning Coach, CrossFit certified and owner of CrossFit YO4

- Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach

- Husband to Jenn, Daddy to Lauren & Noah


Head of Performance


Our vision has been strong since day 1 and the brand we have created is genuine and authentic to everything we believe in and work for! We live this everyday so you can experience what we know to be so valuable: Genuine Progress.

This has been a journey of huge passion and even more work! We are entirely self funded from day 1 and now stand on the edge of something truly phenomenal. We thank everyone of you for being a part of the movement and guarantee the progress does not stop here!


the #1 golf fitness app

progressions of the golfwod platform

We first launched the GOLFWOD idea out onto Instagram in 2017, showing workouts, swings and a lot of what we do on a daily basis! We have learned an awful lot and changed even more during that time!

Our first programs were delivered via low quality PDF's - no images, no videos and focused on the workouts we knew well which included a lot of challenging elements not that many golfers are getting straight into!

For the next 18 months we improved the PDF's and offered Mobility, low equipment workouts and much more!

Then, in the middle of 2020 (Yeah that year) we launched the first GOLFWOD APP... A simple, hijacked coaching app that didn't do much in the way of user experience but did deliver a video experience for our workouts for the first time.

Jump to today and we have thousands of golfers around the world using our programs and now, the new GOLFWOD APP!

A custom designed, bespoke app with the user experience we have always wanted, the best workouts in the game and the new Golf Fitness Handicap to track your progress and Train Like You Play!

What's next? A lot, we promise you that!

the strongest movement in golf

lifestyle. fitness. golf.

what is next for golfwod?

The new golf app is a huge moment for us and we are so grateful to be where we are today!

But the vision does not end there.

We want every golfer in the world to have access to the resources to take control of their health, fitness and performance and won't rest until this is a reality.

The GOLFWOD Scholarship, our Professional Ambassador Initiative, Affiliates, Foundations and so much more are already underway.

The platform itself will always keep growing with more workouts, more mobility, drills and everything you need to change your game!

We want the whole of the golfing world to recognise your hard work, to take not and to take action.

The driving force in a golf training and fitness revolution.

golf fitness: delivered


Our Affiliate program will bring in-person GOLFWOD coaching and workouts to golfers all around the world! With 30 Affiliates globally in early 2022, we aim to grow the industry and dominate that industry. The best thing, everybody wins. Golf Strong.

We want to bring the golfing world together to create opportunities for all! With our planned initiatives, huge partnerships and amazing community, we believe that every individual can not only dream, but have the tools to realise those dreams!


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