golf fitness: delivered

train like you play!

the #1 golf fitness app

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the #1 golf fitness app

join thousands of golfers worldwide using golfwod!

The new GOLFWOD App is here and this is everything we have been working towards since day 1!

Get your first Golf Fitness Handicap and Train Like You Play, recording your workouts, mobility, range sessions and more!

Choose our revolutionary daily workouts or a specific golf training program, work on your flexibility, take on the golf drills and range workouts then you can truly Golf Strong!

golf fitness: delivered


Record your workouts just like your scorecard to see your Handicap come down! But, miss your workouts and the Handicap is going up, effort is rewarded!

More workouts than ever with an algorithm assisted process so every golfer can get the right workout for their game!


A new, integrated video experience gives you incredible coaching insights into all of your workouts with movement demos and more.

Our daily workouts are the future of Golf Fitness. Delivered with our interactive calendar design the 3 levels are designed specifically for the entire golfing year.


the #1 golf fitness app

the complete golf fitness & performance platform!

The new golf app is far more than just the best workouts in golf!

That is where we start, with an incredible interactive experience giving golfers of all levels and goals the training programs needed to make huge progress on and off the course.

From zero equipment home workouts to full gym base Strength and Conditioning, with everything in between, we have the program you need to change your game!

We also now have Warm Ups for the gym and the course, Flexibility work with many different focus areas and Accessory sessions to make huge improvements to your Rotation, Speed and more.

golf fitness: delivered

the #1 golf fitness app

so what is train like you play? the future.

To be the complete platform we know we can be, we want to help you make huge progress on and off the course...

The new Train section is where this comes to life as we bring you practice sessions, golf drills and specific combinations for your game!

RangeWOD? This is the way to practice! This is your range workout of the day as we create specific sets, reps and time frames for you to have a structured, focused range session with direct feedback and game time advantages!

Combine that with more drills and specific accessory sessions designed to help you improve your movement technically and physically, you have the tools you need to crush it on the course!

golf fitness: delivered


The new Train feature delivers the tools, challenges and focus you need to take your gym gains to the course to play your best golf ever!

Our new user friendly design allows you to control your membership at any time, contact support and so much more. Serious upgrades.


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What our Members think:

'I've been training hard AF the past few weeks using the exercises and boy am I piping the ball. Biggest eye opener wasn't how much further I was hitting the ball but just how much easier the body moved. I've literally never had to think so little about my swing, my body just did what my mind wanted it to!

Absolutely changing the game.

—  Jack, USA

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