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the #1 App

Want to see all the Functions and benefits of the GOLFWOD App before you Download? Get the Free Handbook below. 2 Reasons why:


The #1 Golf Fitness & Wellness App

Everything we do is to help you become your best on and off the course! To get the most out of your Membership and see incredible progress, downloed the new GOLFWOD Handbook for Free!


Enjoy the Golf Fitness Lifestyle

When you have the GOLFWOD App, you have access to the ultimate Golf Coaching Platform. Use the Handbook to use it to it's fullest potential from Program selection, to the unique Golf Fitness Handicap and everything in between. Then:

Download the App for Free to get started:

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get the handbook


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What can you expect from the app? a lot.

Our Mission is to Inspire Health and Fitness through and for Golf. To do that, we need the type of User Experience that helps Golfers of all backgrounds and Fitness Levels to enjoy Training and see real Progress in Body and Game.

So we have put everything into the GOLFWOD App so you can put everything into your Training and Golf Game.

From Tracking with the Golf Fitness Handicap and Workout Scorecard, to 1 click video demos for every movement, the GOLFWOD App gives you access to the best Workouts in Golf and so much more anywhere, any time!

We know we can help you succeed and smash your Goals and with the GOLFWOD App, we have the tool you need to go out, get it done and Golf Strong!


Guided Workouts.

1 Click Video Demos.

Fitness Handicap Tracker.

Golf Focused Experience!

Track Your Swing.

Easy Account Management.


Hit the Golf Workout of the Day featuring 5 Levels of Equipment and Time and always focused on the Specific Phase of the Golf Season.

With set Programs, Workout options every day and 3 Days of Active Recovery, Stretching, PGA Drills and Practice Sessions, this is the end goal for every Golfer who wants to live the Golf Fitness Lifestyle


Looking for a Set Program with Weekly Tracking and a Specific Goal? Time to get into LEVELS!

Choose your Goal, work through 3, 4 or 5 Days of Workouts combined with Mobility, Drills and Practice to give you the perfect balance of Time, Intensity and Progress!

See your Progress in real time as you begin to Golf Strong!

make progress simple!

workout and stretching options anyone can do anywhere!

Train at Home or Travelling or in your favourite type of Gym starting with zero or low equipment, so you can start where you need to start, no matter your circumstances!

Start with low impact, high benefit programs to help you move freely and feel way better, jump into our proven performance programs to dominate the competition or anywhere in between - this is for every single golfer!

With the GOLFWOD Team and App, you will always have the right option for your body and swing!

You'll feel so good and see such an immediate change GOLFWOD will become a daily habit you can't wait to use! Plus with the Golf Fitness Handicap you'll have fun tracking your progress every step of the way whilst engaging and competing with golfers all around the world!

golf fitness: delivered


why our workouts?

no, this isn't crossfit - this is golf fitness!

We take the best elements from all aspects of Fitness, combine them with more than a decades worth of PGA Professional Coaching experience and deliver the best workouts in golf! Just ask our members...

What does a GOLFWOD look like? A structured, easy to follow workout, based on your fitness level and goals that helps you improve all aspects of fitness from Balance & Stability, to Core & Rotation through the Strength, Power and Speed!

You don't even have to change what you currently do, just do it better! Enjoy a beer on the course, all good, you'll feel way better about it knowing your GOLFWOD reps through the week have your back!

We also know you need to move and feel better before you start, that is why we have game changing Flexibility, Mobility and Golf Specifics starting at just 5 Minutes to get you started on the right path.

Easy to follow Gym and Golf Warm Ups too? Check!

golf fitness: delivered


This is a new experience in Golf Fitness and a huge part of that is the Golf Fitness Handicap and your Workout Scorecard!

The idea? Train Like You Play! You're motivated, you want to make progress on the course so we create a Fitness Experience to help you succeed!

Complete your Scoring after each Workout and Sign Your Card!


Your Handicap can go up or down by up to 3 Shots per Workout based on your RPE, Weights and if you completed the set GOLFWOD Challenge.

It's also going up if you miss too many days in a row!

Add this to the GOLFWOD Total, Benchmarks and more and you have the complete Golf Coaching Platform in your hand!


If you want to take your Physical changes to the Course and Play better Golf, you have to integrate that progress into your Swing!

So you can Track Your Swing with Dates, Details and more to watch your Swing and Game develop in real time!

You can also make your Posts Public so the whole GOLFWOD Community can engage and share Tips and Progress!


Track your Workouts just like you Track your Rounds with the Golf Fitness Handicap!

This allows you huge amounts of Data, Feedback and Awareness as to how you work the best and what works for you day to day!

Take Shots of your Handicap with good Workouts but remember, if you don't get your GOLFWOD in, your Handicap is going up a shot!

make progress simple!

i want better golf not to just lift weights...

This isn't all training and lifting weights, you are going to change your swing for the better too. With PGA Drills and structured Practice Sessions specifically designed  to align your training and swing mechanics for a complete coaching platform at a fraction of the cost!

Do all of this in person with the GOLFWOD Team, it's around $2500, use the exact same techniques with the GOLFWOD App, from less than $20 a month!

Not only that, you can do it in your time, on your schedule and wherever you want to!

When you get started, your body will notice the difference immediately, this is good, it means its working! If you need a jump start to feel fresh before you play, use our golf specific warm ups to get loose and play your best!

Our unique and proven year round approach means that you always know what you need to do. Don't feel sore or struggle with aches and pains, get used to feeling fast, flexible and full of energy all year round so in or out of season you can always expect your swing to deliver consistency and distance!

golf fitness: delivered

why our workouts?

how will you feel after just 7 days?

Your Body and Energy levels will change almost immediately and most of our members come back to tell us how good they feel in as little as 7 days!

To take that to the course and into your swing, use our Drills, Practice Sessions and PGA Coaching to see real change and align your swing with your new levels of Health and Fitness. Effortless Power and amazing Consistency!

Don't waste your time and money looking for a trainer who knows a little bit about golf, go with the proven, #1 platform in Golf Fitness and Performance to help you every step of the way - we are your Handheld Coaching Team!

We do everything for you - Sets and Reps, Workouts and Flexibility, plus with our PGA Professional Experience, we truly know the Swing. This isn't 12 handicap bro science!

And every time you train you will have our Coaching and explanations on hand, as well as Video Demonstrations for every movement and we provide movement options wherever possible too - this is invaluable!

All you have to do is follow the Program, do your Reps and see the results! Along the way we ensure no stone is unturned to give you everything you need to succeed, enjoy the process and play your best golf ever!

Time to golf strong!


Our passion is helping Golfers experience the greatest Level of Enjoyment on the Course, Playing Better Golf and making HUGE Progress with their own individual Health and Fitness.

It is this desire that pushes us everyday to create the Best Workouts, the best overall Training Programs and the Best App in Golf Fitness, performance & Wellness!

Time to get to work and you can get your
7 Day Free Trial right here:

you are working with the best

save time, money and see real progress!

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