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#1 golf fitness & wellness platform


stretch. train. play. improve.


Assess your Golf Flexibility, Test your Golf Fitness and set your new high Score!

Test your Flexibility, Movement & Balance with the PT Total!

Test Strength, Speed, Rotation and Endurance with the GOLFWOD Total!

Follow the Program, Track with your GOLFWOD Handicap and Re-Test each month to always see your Progress!



this is how you improve.

Whatever your Level, whatever your Goal, Testing your current levels of Golf Flexibility and Golf Fitness is huge for you to make real progress, stay motivated and play your best Golf!

Our Programs are designed to help you boost your GOLFWOD Total high score and when your Total Score increases, your Golf Swing Potential increases too. 

test. train. improve.


Golfers: where are you going to start?

Looking to Improve how your Body moves from as little as 5 minutes per day? GOLFWOD PT is your Golf Physiotherapist and Movement Coach.

Boost your Flexibility for Golf and feel better starting Today with a 7 Day Free Trial!

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Or are you ready to boost your Golf Fitness with the Best Workouts in Golf? Guided Programs for all levels, this is how you Golf Strong!

Train for Golf, Health and Fitness with Confidence when you get your 7 Day Free Trial!

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member reviews:

IMG_1942 2_edited.jpg

Park, USA

''Already down to a 9 handicap since starting to train alongside you guys. Thanks and keep up the hard work!''


Joshua, UK

''This is indeed the BEST platform in so many ways, I feel like I have so much more purpose in the gym instead of figuring it out myself!''

Screenshot 2022-11-14 at 10_edited.jpg

Cliff, USA

''Training is going really well.  Driver club head speed is close to 120 mph according to Trackman.  Looking forward to seeing how my endurance has improved once courses open up here.  Really appreciate the program and all the work you put into it.'' 

how any golfer can get golf fit &
Shoot lower scores!

Every Golfer wants to improve their Swing, hit better Shots and feel great out on the Course!

We all want to improve our Health and Fitness along the way too! And now, you can do that better than ever, all in one place, on your schedule and fixed on your Goals!

This is GOLFWOD - your Golf Workout of the Day.

Whether you are looking to improve Flexibility, lose a little weight, create more power or just improve your Game, we have everything you need to reach your true potential on and off the course!

For Golfers, by Golfers our Programs are tailored to your specific needs and will have you feeling your best, playing better Golf and creating new Healthy Habits that improve everything you do!

Thousands of Golfers around the World are already part of our incredible Community and you can be next.

Better Golf, Better Health... Time to Golf Strong!

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3 things you need to know:

1: We have 2 Apps so EVERY Golfer has the perfect place to start to make consistent progress, enjoy the journey and play better Golf!

: You get EVERYTHING with your Membership - No Additional Fees! We have the Workouts, Stretching and Drills you need to improve on and off the Course.

: You can start with Zero Equipment and at ANY Fitness Level! Choose PT for Stretching, Mobility and ACE or dive straight into GOLFWOD for the Best Workouts in Golf - the Team is always here to support you.

We have created the ultimate Golf, Fitness and Wellness Coaching tool so that you can succeed on your Golfing Journey anywhere and at any time!

Move better, hit great shots and feel your best every time you tee it up! We guarantee your progress and can't wait to hear of all your Golf Gains!

Time to Golf Strong


Daily Workouts.

Golf Fitness Programs.

Designed by PGA Pro's.

Build Power & Consistency!

Save hundreds $$$

Choose Your Level.


Hit Download now to create your Membership and get a 7 Day Free Trial, you can cancel at any time.

This is the GOLFWOD Training App for Golf Fitness & Performance. Need more Help? Contact the Team at any time so we can Golf Strong Together. 


PT V1.1.png

Injury Rehab & Prehab.

Stretching & Mobility.

Golf Specific Movements.

Golf Physiotherapy!

Create an effortless Swing.

From 5 Minutes a Day.

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Hit Download now to create your Membership and get a 7 Day Free Trial, you can cancel at any time.

Need more Help? Download the Handbook or contact the Team at any time so we can Golf Strong Together. 



golfers, this is for you!

For too long, 'Fitness' has been seen as something that golfers do not do - even to the extent of being bad for golf.

Too bulky, too risky, not necessary...

This is absolutely false and if you are still thinking this way it is nothing more than an excuse to not try.

You need to be Flexible, you need to move well and you need to improve your Body to play better Golf now and long into the future.

And we are here to help. Our Mission since day 1:

'To inspire health and fitness through and for golf.'

Time to join the Strongest Movement in Golf.

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why become a member?

Fully guided Stretching, Mobility, Workout Sessions and more with video demonstrations & Coaching. You will always have the best session for your Body and Game as well as the confidence to get it done correctly.

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Track your progress with your unique Golf Fitness Handicap to train like you play and always know that you are improving.

We have the perfect program for you wherever you are right now. Starting with zero equipment and just 5 minutes a day, all the way through to season long Strength and Conditioning Programs used by Golfers all around the world.

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Not only are our Programs for Golfers, they are designed and proven by PGA Professionals to guarantee that as your Body improves, your Golf Swing will too!

Not only will you get the best Mobility and Training in Golf, you will also save a stack of money and do it all on your own schedule anywhere in the world! You become the Tour Player!

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Join our worldwide community of Golfers who are all on their own Journey so you can engage, enjoy and accelerate your progress with like minded individuals!

member reviews:


Tim, Aus

‘I’ve added 20 yards to my drives in 6 weeks and feel better than ever, no more low back pain. Would recommend to anyone!’

SHOPIDARKmob (3)_edited.jpg

David Franks, UK

‘These workouts are absolutely superb! The app subscription has been worth every penny!’


Carson, USA

“Since I've started using y’alls programs I've lost about 25lbs, I'm in the best shape of my life. I've dropped from a 5 handicap to a 1 in the past five months I've been using the program.”


build your dream golf swing in the next 30 days without hitting thousands of shots!

GOLFWOD Membership is your cheat code to lower scores, less aches and pains as well as more swing speed, longer drives and effortless confidence!


Stop making the mistakes other Golfers make EVERY DAY! Trying to make changes their Body can't achieve, embedding bad habits and wasting time Smashing Balls without a real purpose!


Get your GOLFWOD Membership and never be lost with your Game, Flexibility or Training again! We do everything for you from the best Workouts in Golf to Injury Rehab, Flexibility, Warm Ups, Drills, Practice Sessions and more!

And now with 2 Apps you can start exactly where you need to for your Body and Game or go all in and have the complete Golf Training Protocol in your Hand anywhere, any time!

Sign up now for Pro Level Confidence and the Training Program your Body, and Golf Swing, definitely Needs!

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PGA Drills & Tips.

Structured Practice.

Varied Warm Ups.

On & Off Course Use!

Link Body to Swing.

Make Real Progress!

Team Onboarding is the perfect way to get the exact Plan you need to succeed on your Golf Fitness Journey! The Team is ready:

7 Day Free Trial

Monthly, 3 Month & Annual

Flexible Memberships

No Additional Fees - EVER

24/7 Support

Guaranteed Results


Download the App for Free to get started:

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the complete golf fitness and wellness platform!

Get the proven GOLFWOD Experience for a fraction of the price with our incredible Golf Fitness and Mobility Apps!


That is where we start, with an incredible interactive experience giving golfers of all levels and goals the training programs needed to make huge progress on and off the course.


From zero equipment home workouts to full gym based Strength and Conditioning, with everything in between, we have the program you need to change your game!


We also now have Warm Ups for the gym and the course, Flexibility work with many focus areas & Accessory sessions to make huge improvements to your Rotation, Speed & more.

Take action, get your Membership and create the Golf Fitness Lifestyle you have always wanted.

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