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join the movement,

 grow your audience,

 create online revenue.


Our goal is, and always has been, to be the #1 Golf Fitness Platform in the Game.

As the movement grows, are you next?!


Become an Ambassador

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golfwod ambassadors

Do you want to join the Strongest Movement in Golf?


To increase your ability to impact golfers on and off the course, grow your social presence and create an online income whilst creating positive change for your audience?

The you could become a GOLFWOD Ambassador!


Tell us why you want to be a part of our mission, get your unique Ambassador Profile and get to work.


As an Ambassador you can:


  • Create an online revenue.

  • Use your unique code to earn a percentage of your app referrals.

  • Use the GOLFWOD APP to create content, improve your own performance and grow in this space.

  • Complete the GOLFWOD Assessment (in a professional capacity).

  • Increase your social presence with content sharing, collabs and social amplification.

  • Network with Coaches and Players worldwide as we continue to build our global community.

  • Member benefits with unique access to partners and future promotions.

  • Create opportunities to grow and progress in this industry. 

  • Be a part of the Strongest Movement in Golf.


It is our passion and our goal to grow the game and deliver the #1 Golf Fitness Platform anywhere. Our passionate Ambassadors will continue to help grown the movement and spread the message of Inspiring health and Fitness through and for Golf. Together we grow. Together we dominate. 


This, like all GOLFWOD programs will be in line with our Terms and Conditions that you can view here. Due to the nature of this agreement, GOLFWOD will not be liable for the delivery of this content and the coach will be required to be have the necessary insurances etc in place before commencing any GOLFWOD activties. 


how this works:

  1. Submit the Ambassadors application.

  2. Receive your unique purchase option for 50% off your GOLFWOD Membership

  3. Setup your account and experience the #1 Golf Fitness Platform

  4. Receive your unique Ambassadors code for 20% Discount to your audience.

  5. Create memberships and have an impact whilst gaining 20% of the sale for yourself!

  6. Continue to grow the movement, grow your presence and work with us and our partners.

  7. Dominate.


are you ready to be a part of

the driving force in a golf and fitness revolution?!

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