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grow your business,

 grow your audience,

 have an impact.

Our goal is, and always has been, to be the #1 Golf Fitness Platform in the Game.

As the movement grows, are you next?!


grow your business, join the movement.

Become an Affiliate


GOLFWOD The Business.

Full Terms and


GOLFWOD Partner 


Affiliate Package:


Exclusive access to the new GOLFWOD Affiliates only App for resources, communication, benefits & much more.


Usage rights for the GOLFWOD Assessment and all GOLFWOD Programming for You and Your business - Increase Your Revenue, scale Your business and create the kind of impact you want!


Share your content to go out to the GOLFWOD Audience to grown your profile and impact golfers all around the world.


Website listing and Bio.

App referral code for your clients and percentage kick back for your business!

Under Armour Coaches Package coming soon!


Business Support direct communication, marketing advice and application of knowledge to help you grow.


Lifetime App access and insight for the platform of the future.


Free Entry & Networking opportunities with all future GOLFWOD Affiliates and Facilities.

$299 A Year or $499 Lifetime

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the golfwod affiliate

Do you want to bring world renowned Golf Fitness to your facility?


Then this is for you. The GOLFWOD Affiliate is a part of the future of golf, offering all levels of golf fitness and performance whether you’re a Fitness Specialist, Personal Trainer or Golf Professional.


With an ever increasing number of workout programs, mobility protocols and coaching tutorials, the global coaching network will continue to grow and you have an opportunity to be a part of that movement.


What you will be able to do:


  • Deliver GOLFWOD programs to golfers and individuals of all levels.

  • Increase your coaching and facility revenue.

  • Use your unique code to earn a percentage of your app referrals.

  • Use the Golf Fitness Handicap to engage your clients and classes in a whole new way.

  • Complete the GOLFWOD Assessment.

  • Link the Golf Swing to Human movement for incredible results.

  • Have your content posted through all of our social channels.

  • Build the platform and your share by sending players to the GOLFWOD App.

  • Network with Coaches and Players worldwide as we continue to build our global community.

  • Benefit from our experience both in terms of the GOLFWOD programming but also brand and business management and growth.

  • Increase revenue with numerous income streams and further commercial opportunities. 

  • Be a part of the Strongest Movement in Golf.


It is our passion and our goal to grow the game and deliver the #1 Golf Fitness Platform anywhere. The progress of players worldwide is at the forefront of that goal as is your progress as a coach. This is why the we developed the Affiliate Package, as it allows you to deliver our game changing methodology whilst vastly increasing the revenue and awareness of your own brand or business. 


I can say this with confidence because we know your situation precisely. As a golf coach and gym owner, I understand the economics and challenges faced on a daily basis and have genuinely designed this program to allow for organic growth of everyone involved. Again, this is my passion and if you’re as passionate as me and willing to be a part of this journey, everybody wins including the students and golfers you interact with!


As an Affiliate, you will have permanent details on our website and links out to everything you do as well as exclusive access to the all new Affiliates only App!


You will always have the support of the GOLFWOD Team as we aim to grow together and deliver the best Golf Fitness and Performance Platform in the Game.


This, like all GOLFWOD programs will be in line with our Terms and Conditions that you can view here. Due to the nature of this agreement, GOLFWOD will not be liable for the delivery of this content and the coach will be required to be have the necessary insurances etc in place before commencing any GOLFWOD activties. 

'to inspire health and fitness through and for golf.'

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